Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I found an interesting blog posted by Sohil Rojani titled, “Texas has worst record of prison sex abuse.” I thought this was interesting because it’s not something that you think would be discussed on a daily basis. The first thing I learned from this article was, “Five of the 10 prisons with the highest rates of sexual abuse in the country are in Texas.” This is a very important and serious issue and I don’t understand why this issue wasn’t taken care of before. Now, I know prison is an unsafe place, but now this makes it sound worse. How can this be stopped?

It says in the article that they are trying to reduce the problem by video cameras but I don’t think that’s going to have a big affect on the situation. Another solution suggested investigating the allegations of sex abuse, but I don’t think finding some of these people is going to stop it overall. The police stationed at these prisons need to buckle down and really look at what the issue is and how to prevent ALL of it. This is a sticky situation that seems very difficult and personal to deal with so I understand how hard it may be to stop this. But one way or another, I believe that the sexual abuse rate needs to drop dramatically to get Texas out of the top 5 prisons with sexual abuse.

I think my colleague did an excellent job with this article post because it’s definitely random and not something that would normally be discussed. I think they got all the right and interesting points across and I agree all the way with my colleague. This is a very serious issue and it’s going to take strict changes and rules to fix this problem.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The time has come around to fill out census forms this year and it won’t take anyone more than ten minutes. So far this year in central Texas, we have been slow in filling out and mailing our forms back in. So far, Travis county response is 7% and Williamson is 10%. All the census asks is basically who lives at your residency currently.

The census forms affect the government and the people in the House of Representatives. This is because there might be more available seats open based on the census results. Also a big part of the census is money because, more people the more money the government will need to bring in.

I believe that the census form isn’t difficult, so everyone should fill it out. The government needs to know this important stuff so they are able to generate more money for the Texas government and people. The census form isn’t harming anyone, it’s just helping out our government. The consequences are simple, if you don’t fill out the form and return it, the government will come knocking on your door. And, the government will save $1.5 million if they don’t have to come knocking on doors.

The Texas government is trying to help our state out by getting the correct information. The government is doing a good job about putting word out about this because they are trying to save money, not spend money. Also, they are only asking for simple information, it’s really not that private. I think if our Texas government continues to get word across about threatening to come knock on doors then maybe people will fill theirs out and mail it back as soon as possible. This will also help the government out because it’s making more jobs available in the House of Representatives which means more jobs for some people. The government I believe at least has every right to know how many people are in a household also because it helps determine what kind of money they should be bringing into Texas based on the number of people in Texas. I think if our government continues to do this it will be helpful toward saving money in many ways because they are doing the right thing. And, something this simple shouldn’t be this difficult. So stop holding a grudge against the government and turn in your form, it’s not that hard and in the end it’s also helping you the people out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the Austin American Statesman I found an editorial called, Austin more than staying afloat. This editorial discusses new job opportunities for the people in Austin. The companies that are possibly opening up units here in Austin are Facebook and Yingli Green Energy Americans Inc. This also discusses that Austin is competing with Phoenix over Yingli and that “Yingli and Facebook announcements follow decisions by Hanger Orthopedic Group and LegalZoom Inc. to open operations here that combined would create 850 jobs over the next few years.”

Something I found interesting and important in this editorial was when it said, “There's still a gap between jobs lost and jobs created, but the additions are definitely a move in the right direction.” I completely agree that bringing in new companies and offering several jobs is certainly going to help those struggling with the recession and depression right now.

Also in the editorial it says that a team of economists, Kirk Ladendorf, Barry Harrell and Marty Toohey, agree that the value of jobs to be created are going to outweigh the tax breaks the companies are being offered to locate in Austin. I thought this was also important because it shows what they are bargaining for and what they are trying to make available in Austin. It also discusses the tax breaks for Facebook and Yingli. It shows that they are going to make a certain amount of available jobs, and it also shows the salary for the employees and managers. I think it was important to include this because it shows people not only what is being brought to Austin but how it will benefit them.

Something that I didn’t like about the article was when it said that Rick Perry took credit for the Facebook deal and will also take credit if Austin gets the Yingli deal too. I didn’t think it was necessary to include that in the editorial because it’s not something a lot of people want to know let alone care about. A quick note was made after that said, “The primary consideration should not be who gets political credit but matching willing employees with employers.” And I thought that was exactly correct and what we should be focused on.

I think opening these companies in Austin is such a great way to help those out who are unemployed. So many jobs will be offered, especially if Austin gets the deal with Yingli. However, a dramatic amount of people are going to have a job again and that’s what is most important. I really enjoyed the article and think it’s important information to learn and have knowledge on. And overall I think this editorial did a great job of getting the message out to the public to show them their hopefully soon to be options.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feds score touchdown with texting ban

While recently reading the Austin American Statesman, I came across an editorial, Feds score touchdown with texting ban. In the beginning, it discusses how cars used to be back in the day, compared to how technology has improved in cars today. In the article the author makes an argument and states, “Yes, thanks to technology, we can do all kinds of things behind the wheel. And all of them distract from the only thing we should be doing behind the wheel, which is driving.” I definitely agree with the author’s clear statement placing his opinion on the situation with being on the phone behind the wheel.

Since the law was recently passed that banned texting, surfing the web, etc. while driving, us as individuals should abide by it. The law is the law and it’s a completely appropriate to take away this privilege that we used to have that causes several car wrecks and deaths every year. Something interesting I learned from this editorial was that the average amount of time a person looks at their phone is 4.6 seconds which is equivalent to traveling a football field distance including the end zones at 55 miles per hour, without eyes on the road. I completely agree when the Secretary Ray LaHood comments and says, “This is an important safety step, and we will be taking more to eliminate the threat of distracted driving.”

Overall, I think that eliminating texting while driving will help drivers be less distracted on the road from now on, and hopefully the people out there will agree and follow the law. In this article I agree all the way with the author and I think they did a great job getting the message about this issue across in a well manner. And, I hope to see others follow the law and if not I know the consequences will help those understand what is really at risk.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Austin as Employment Central

In the Austin American Statesman I found an editorial called Austin as Employment Central. This editorial explains how unemployment has reached 6.9 percent, but January ended with good economic news for people in Austin. I thought this was interesting because, there is going to be an opportunity for people gain hundreds of jobs and it will be able to help so many people out financially. The two companies are Hanger Orthopedic Group Inc., and the pending of the LegalZoom Company. Both companies will be able to offer plenty of jobs as well as benefits to their employees. If the local government goes through with bringing both of the companies to Austin, I think it will have a huge influence on so many people’s lives. This editorial was enjoyable to read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in the local government and economies current events.